A heartfelt thank you can come from the most surprising places

thank you letterPenelope Burk’s research confirms there is nothing more important than the donor acknowledgement letter. “Our research confirms that a beautifully crafted acknowledgement letter, promptly received, is all that it takes to make donors want to give again,” stated Burk.

But, if as a fundraiser, you are feeling, well a bit uninspired, and can’t get the creative juices flowing to craft that beautiful acknowledgement letter than I have a suggestion for you.

Try hosting a thank you letter writing contest with all your coworkers (and even volunteers) and you might find that the most heartfelt thank you letter can come from the most surprising places. Sometimes it comes from those individuals delivering service for your organization or you might be surprised when someone in your finance department crafts a letter that moves you to tears.

This idea came from our fundraising friends over at Mile High United Way. They kicked off the contest by providing staff members with an overview of Penelope’s “20 Characteristics of a Great Thank You Letter” in order to give letter writers some guidance.

You can offer prizes for the best letters but of course the greatest reward is an acknowledgement letter that provokes donors to give again to your organization.

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