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Why I decided to become one of the Analytical Ones

One of my favorite quotes is from Descartes. He said “The unexamined life is not worth living.” While I think this applies in different contexts (examining why I felt the need to eat 3 desserts a day over the holidays comes to mind), I think this sentiment is definitely true for fundraising programs.

I believe far too many nonprofits continue to do the same thing every year – execute the same strategies, send the same appeals – without really examining whether this is the best thing to do.

People trust nonprofits to use their donations well. And people in need, animals, and the environment are counting on nonprofits to use those donations effectively to make the world a better place.

Analysis ensures nonprofits are doing exactly that – using the donations from supporters to help their causes in the most effective way.

And that’s why I’m now proud to call myself one of the Analytical Ones.

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