Analysis, Plus One


What does Analytical Ones mean anyway? Well, the real story is that when Bill ran his own shop in Seattle in the 90’s it was called Analytical One – singular. When the decision was made to move forward with partners in the 2011 relaunch, the company name was pluralized to represent that he was no longer going it alone. As time has moved on, this name has developed another meaning for me.

One of our four company values is to Be Curious. Our value to our clients does not come from delivering automated reports like a computer. Our job as strategists and consultants is to maximize the power of your data by thinking with the lights on upstairs. Personally, my passion for this work has always come from the “a-hah!” moments – when I get to deliver that extra insight that breaks through the status quo.

As Henry Ford famously said, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” I believe the ideal deliverable is grounded first in fulfilling the agreed scope of work, but then delivering at least one more thing… the Plus One our client never thought of. When you think of our name Analytical Ones, think of our promise to stay curious about your data and our passion to deliver your Plus Ones.

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