Strategic Growth Analysis

Donor cubesIn order to get to actionable insights for strategic growth, we must take a 360° view of your fundraising program.  This involves an analysis of the past, the present and the future performance of your donors.  The past gives us insights into trends relating to acquisition channels and increases/decreases in long-term donor value while the present tells us how donors are responding to your solicitations.  But most importantly, the analysis of the past and the present gives us insights into the future of your donor relationships and the growth of your organization.

We analyze donor performance by giving lifecycle which includes new, second year from new, multi-year, win-back, recently lapsed or extended lapsed.  By breaking down performance by lifecycle we can identify opportunity for growth or improvement.

The Strategic Growth Analysis includes:

  • General donor giving trends over 5-years
    • Revenue
    • Active donor counts
    • New donor counts
    • Revenue per active donor
    • Revenue distribution by donor lifecycle
    • Overall retention
    • Retention by donor lifecycle
    • Gift frequency
    • Gift frequency by donor lifecycle
    • Average gift size
    • Average gift size by donor lifecycle
  • High-value donor ($1,000+ in any year) giving trends over 5-years compared to benchmarks
  • Long-term value analysis
  • Donor maps
  • Revenue forecasts
  • Actions you can set into motion to improve your fundraising program

Analytical Ones recommends a quarterly, semi-annually or annual  analysis, depending upon the size of your organization, or whenever there is leadership change in the development department.