We help agencies

win new clients, lift the performance of current clients and keep clients longer

Win New ClientsWinner

We can help you win new business.

Whether it is  by analyzing the organization’s current fundraising performance, researching the perceptions in the marketplace or understanding the competitive landscape, we can provide agencies with the insights they need to secure new clients.

Let us do the research so you can feel confident that your strategic recommendations are grounded in performance data and market research.


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performance lifting

Lift Client Performance

Your clients expect performance to improve year over year. Analytical Ones can find areas of opportunity for growth with our data analytics tool know as Strategic Growth Analysis. This analysis evaluates donor lifecycles, major donor performance and key performance indicator trends and provides actionable recommendations for your agency to grow your client’s fundraising revenue.


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Keep Clients LongerTime in the bottle

Ensure the partnership you have with your clients remains in place for a very long time by providing ongoing insights, new appeal messages and revenue projections they can count on.

Let Analytical Ones conduct your clients’ annual performance audits, which will also be used to develop projections for performance in the coming fiscal year.

In addition, we can help you reduce the time it takes to test new messages through our proven Offer Forcasting methodology. Learn more by clicking here.


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