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win new donors, lift the performance of current donors and keep active donors longer

piggybank with trophyWin New Donors

Do you know what your potential donors think of your organization? Are you using the right messaging to attract new donors? By conducting market research, Analytical Ones can help you answer these questions in order to develop the best acquisition strategy for your organization. Market research is not as expensive as you might think. By using online technology, we can gain insights from prospective donors in the most cost efficient manner….and in a lot less time. Our online research methodology tests messages with potential donors so you can have confidence with the dollars you are spending in acquisition.

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Lift Performance of Current DonorsHanging Anvil

Not all donors are candidates for giving larger gifts or moving into a monthly giving program. Some donors don’t have the affinity to your organization and others might not have the ability to give more. So how do we find the donors that are most likely to upgrade or become monthly givers? By using data modeling.

Data modeling uses your historical giving data in combination with demographic, economic and social data variables and, through the use of a statistical modeling process called “logistic regression”, identifies the data variables that are significant to your organization. The model is built on your data, and your data alone, and then back-tested to ensure that we can provide you with return on your investment.

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Keep Active Donors Longer

You’ve worked hard to acquire your new donors, now it is all about keeping your donors active and engaged.

In order to do so, it’s critical to understand what motivated the donors’ gifts and why they chose your organization over another. Through research including online surveys, in-depth phone interviews and in-person focus groups, we can begin to understand why donors support your mission.

The feedback obtained from your donors will then allow us to develop retention strategies that are focused on the donor, not the next transaction.

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