Make Statistics Understandable

Kent (the resident numbers/strategy guy on Veep): [on the news coverage of a salmonella outbreak]
“The number of people taken ill is orders of magnitude below statistical significance. Do people not understand basic nonparametric statistics?”

While those numbers folks – and aren’t ALL marketers numbers folks? – among us may laugh at the quote above from the show Veep, I’m reminded constantly how true it is – People do NOT understand basic nonparametric statistics.

And we shouldn’t expect them to.

As we look back on 2016 and start 2017, I’m reminded constantly that our clients, our board members and our executive directors are not all numbers people. So, our job is not just to do the analysis but to make the numbers make sense. To find what’s hidden within the numbers and to use that to drive the strategy. Then we need to explain clearly to everyone The What and The Why.

It’s interesting that Kent’s title in the White House is “Senior Strategist”. Perhaps political strategy focuses too much on polls and on numbers to drive every decision.

But often the rest of us focus too little on those things. We marketers can help to fix that by making the numbers make sense. Then they can drive the strategy.

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