Message Testing

One of the ways that Analytical Ones conducts Message Testing is through Offer Forecasting.

Offer Forecasting is a research methodology uniquely designed to accelerate the identification of new potential control offers in the least expensive manner possible. The objective is to identify potential winning offers to be field tested in direct mail acquisition.

The goal is to identify potential new offers for direct mail acquisition. Once 3-5 new offers have been identified digital packages for each of the approved new offers will be provided to Analytical Ones. The new offers are tested in an online survey and the results are compared.

At that point, the top 1-2 new offers in Offer Forecasting are field tested against the control package in direct mail.


To combat waning response to their direct mail acquisition program, the Organization needed to find a new acquisition control with a faster and less expensive approach than traditional direct mail testing. The Organization turned to Analytical Ones for Offer Forecasting.

Offer Forecasting leverages online surveys to find offers that resonate with donors.

In a period of two months and at a cost 90% less than traditional direct mail efforts, the Organization identified two new offers. When tested through traditional direct mail channels the new offers beat the control with a return on investment more than 30% higher than the current package. Both the response rate and average gift were higher in the new offers.  As a result of this test, the Organization now has two new co-controls.