Sustainer Donor Value

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Annual Sustainer Value

We recently did some analysis on a client’s sustainer or monthly pledge donors. The client wanted to see how much donors were worth AFTER joining the monthly pledge program compared to their value BEFORE joining the program.

While this wasn’t a test and we can’t directly prove cause and effect, we do find that the donors were worth $52 more – a 24% increase – after joining the monthly pledge program.

If those donors stay on the program and maintain that difference in value, that’s an additional $260 over five years for every donor that joins the monthly giving program.

So, maybe that means that they can afford to invest a little more in converting annual donors to monthly pledge donors.

If they get an additional 200 donors to become sustainers each year, that’s an additional $10,000 each year. So, that’s $50,000 over 5 years. With an additional 200 new sustainers EACH year that’s $150,000 cumulative over 5 years!

So maybe that means the organization can also spend a little more to cultivate and thank those donors once they become monthly sustainers.

Even with a welcome package that costs $10 and another $10 invested in cultivation each year, that still leaves the organization with an additional $200 net per donor over 5 years.

Pledge donors are more valuable. Are you treating them that way?

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