To Have and To Hold

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Looking back over the past year, one of the most interesting things that I heard came from a very sharp client at a meeting at the beginning of December.

7ps of marketingWe were talking about whether Direct Mail is still viable and valuable in today’s fundraising climate. She quoted to me the 7 P’s of Marketing and stated that Direct Mail is not dead because of the 7th P – Physical Evidence.

Donors have more trust in an organization if they have something that they can touch and feel. Something that proves to them that the organization is real and does good work.

A recent Agitator article also quoted a study from the Royal Mail saying that one of the biggest reasons that direct mail continues to work is… Touch!

“Yes”, they said, “humans still like to touch stuff.”

Based on these theories, Direct Mail will never go away.

People still like to have something to hold in our hands, something tactile. Something that we can touch and feel and that proves to us that the organization is real and not on just our screen. Email, social media and other online communications – for all their benefits – will never be able provide that.

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