Your Challenge

We understand the challenges you face: increased fundraising goals,  limited time and resources, and the desire to keep overhead costs low. Industry news is telling you to focus on donor retention, look for low cost acquisition strategies, move toward a donor-centric organization and use data analytics to improve performance. But where do you even start?

Your Solution

Let your data tell the story. It will give you the confidence to know that you are making the right decisions to grow your organization into the future. Analytical Ones will gather, analyze and interpret your donor data, but most importantly, we will provide you with recommendations for performance improvement.

Data analytics and research for the nonprofit industry to help you

win new donors, lift the performance of current donors and keep active donors longer

Data Analytics

A deep dive into your donor data to find areas of opportunity as well predict your future fundraising performance

Market Research

Focus groups, in-depth interviews and online surveys to gain insights from your current and prospective donors

Data Modeling

Mid and Major donor modeling services to help target donors most likely to upgrade their giving to your organization

Message Testing

Identify what messages resonate with your current or prospective donors so you can speak directly to their interests

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