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Analytical Ones uses market research and data analytics to help nonprofits win new donors, lift the performance of current donors and keep active donors longer

Whether you’re a nonprofit or and agency serving nonprofits Analytical Ones can enhance your market research and analytics capabilities with the following services.

Data Analytics

A deep dive into your donor data to find areas of opportunity and predict your future fundraising performance

Market Research

Focus groups, in-depth interviews and online surveys to gain insights from your current and prospective donors

Data Modeling

Mid and major donor modeling services to help target donors most likely to upgrade their giving to your organization

One-on-One Consultation

We don’t simply provide reports, we provide expert strategy to improve your fundraising
Guid to Fundraising Metrics

Analytical Ones E-book

Guide to Fundraising Metrics

If you are new to fundraising, or just looking for a refresher, Analytical Ones Guide to Fundraising Metrics will give you a quick understanding of the type of metrics you should be tracking to manage a successful fundraising program. Our goal is to give you a summary of the top metrics we believe you should be paying attention to, why they are important to measure, and how to measure them.

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Latest From The Blog:

Five Marketing Trends for 2018

This series of blogs will address each of the trends in a recent Forbes article and share our perspective of how the nonprofit industry should address each to maximize fundraising.

Building Trust

This is the third guest post in a blog series by Steven Screen of The Better Fundraising Company. You can find links here to Part I and Part II. Ask, Thank, Report, Repeat In the last post we noted that the organizations that take their donors through the circle of “Ask, Thank, Report, Repeat” multiple times tend to build relationships and revenue over time. Because by building trust you increase your chances of getting another gift. But when most organizations zoom out to 40,000 feet to look at their communications, they find that they do this: Ask, Ask, Ask, Ask, e-news, Ask, Ask, Annual Report, Ask Or this: Ask, Ask, Brag, Ask, Ask Many smaller organizations just see this: Ask, Event Prescriptive for Majors, Approximate for Mass For your mass donor communications, it’s too expensive to take each donor exactly through each step, in order. That’s why successful fundraising organizations almost always develop an ongoing stream of communications that hit all of the notes often enough. Maybe that’s 6 appeals and 3 newsletters, and customized Thank You/Receipt packages. But maybe it’s 12 appeals and 12 newsletters. Or maybe it’s 4 appeals and 2 newsletters. The numbers are dependent on your file size and its responsiveness (and a few other things). They key is to hit the notes that need to be hit to build trust and relationship. But for major donors, you can and should take your donor through each step. The Major Gifts Officers who take each donor through the Ask, Thank, Report system have great success. For instance, they make damn sure their donors have been well...

Success Stories

The story your donors are telling is mostly a response to the story that your organization is telling. The better your story, the more money you raise.