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Feb 13, 2024

How Fundraising Will Evolve

In honor of International Data Week, I’m sharing how the future of fundraising will evolve.

Many people are concerned about fundraising (I’m not btw). For nearly two decades, the “experts” have been predicting the death of direct mail fundraising. Eventually, the experts will be right, and direct mail fundraising will die – just in the same manner if I predicted your birthday was “today” for the next 365 days I’d be right . . . eventually.

But here’s what I believe . . . what will eventually replace direct mail fundraising is probably out there . . . and getting ignored.

Hear me out.

Have you ever heard of Jason Belmonte, the Australian two-handed bowler?

When this man started bowling, everyone ridiculed him. Two-handed bowling . . . what a stupid idea! Now that Jason has won twice as many major tournaments as any other bowler in history, his approach is being copied by many other bowlers.

I think the same thing will happen in fundraising. Right now, there is the Jason Belmonte of fundraising, innovating a new approach and probably being ridiculed. But when that idea starts gaining traction, everyone will be copying it.

Hear me now. Believe me later.

Photo of Jason Belmonte by GQ from https://www.gq.com/story/jason-belmonte-bowling-profile

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