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Nov 13, 2021

Thankful for Jennifer

In this five-part series, I wanted to give you a brief introduction to each of the people who make Analytical Ones great: Its employees. I so appreciate their hard work and dedication to all our clients. Quite simply, without them there would be no Analytical Ones.

Jennifer Mayes, Senior Consultant – Director of Primary Research

Jennifer – aka “JAM” – is a unicorn. There are only a handful of people in our vertical who are top-shelf, direct response, fundraising analysts with a lot of experience conducting survey research. Jennifer is one of them.

Jennifer won’t let me tell you how long she’s been serving in nonprofit fundraising analytics, but our clients love working with her because she “gets it” – she knows how to leverage the data into actionable insights.

At Analytical Ones, Jennifer serves a variety of our clients in many different categories: Media, human services, environmental, and advocacy. She also is the lead analyst on all our survey projects.

But what I appreciate most about Jennifer is her gift for process improvement – she constantly finds ways for our team to be more efficient and effective.

Thank you, Jennifer, for all you do for Analytical Ones, and our clients.

Measuring Speedy Gratitude

On the first day of November, I sent out 49 small “white mail” gifts. After 3-weeks, here is what I received: Two of the gifts were returned because the address was undeliverable. Of the 47 gifts that (I think) were delivered, I have received 14 acknowledgments (30%...

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Here it is Thanksgiving week. If you are like most people in the fundraising sector, the lead-up to Thanksgiving can be a hectic period, with the most important cultivation asks either in the mail or ready to be deployed, new donor acquisition campaigns in-home, and...

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Giving Tuesday: Is it still working for you?

In the past, some of us at Analytical Ones have been a little “Grinch-y” about Giving Tuesday. Being blitzed by emails during the workday can be overwhelming. However, we won’t knock it if it’s working! In September, Classy (the online fundraising platform utilized by...

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