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Apr 2, 2013

The Wisdom to Youth Ratio

At most agencies, profitability relies on a delicate balance of seasoned professionals (wisdom) and less experienced staff (youth).

The wisdom gets and directs the work while the youth execute the work.

The wisdom make the money and the youth gain valuable career experience.

But this is what happens. Youth gains experience and invariably want a place at the table. And if the wisdom of the agency makes room for them, then agency’s wisdom and youth ratio becomes out of balance and profitability suffers.

However, if they don’t make a place at the table, then the agency becomes a churn mill unable to keep good talent (or spinning off small shops left and right)  which in turn adversely effects client service, and . . . profitability suffers.

Joe, Lynn and I thought a lot about this and we wanted to create a new model that avoided these pitfalls. And we think we have a solution.

Our model gives everyone (wisdom and youth) a place at the table from the get go. We want our company to be the last place anyone works.

Yes, our model may not be as profitable as others in the short run. But we think our model offers superior service to our clients, builds a tight knit community that attracts top talent and, well, really reduces the headaches or running a business.

You might want to consider it for your agency too.

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