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Sep 7, 2022

Why We Labor

Our company has had a very busy summer analyzing donor databases, making mail plans, and executing selects. And if you are like us, sometimes during the busyness of all that needs to get done in the world of fundraising, we can lose sight of why we do want we do.

Recently, I asked our nonprofit and agency clients to share some of the stories of how the nonprofit organizations are making our world a better place.

And wow. Just wow.

It was a great reminder to me that our work is bigger than us. Everyone who has a job in the charitable sector is doing the work of compassion. Whether that’s handing out food, writing appeal letters, getting the receipts out – or in our case – analyzing a donor database.

So, this Labor Day, I encourage you to take a step back and look at the big picture. Your labors are making a difference. And together we are changing the world for good.

Fundraising Forward

Postage rates and problematic delivery are making me rethink how fundraising might need to adapt moving forward. In 2024, First Class postage is a whopping 73 cents (who knew when those “forever” stamps don’t put the amount on them?) and nonprofit postage is between...

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Test First Class Postage this Fall

One of the disturbing USPS trends – other than raising the cost of postage every year – is the bulk delivery of appeal letters with nonprofit postage. Over the past year, when I check my mailbox for the appeal letters I’m seeded on, I have noticed that I receive all...

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Top 5 Mistakes: #1 Stopping New Donor Acquisition

I have been analyzing the fundraising business for nearly three decades and over the years I keep seeing nonprofit organizations making the same mistakes. These errors hold organizations back. If you are new to fundraising, please commit yourself to avoiding these...

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