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Mar 5, 2014

Optimizing the Demise (Part 4)

Here’s suggestion number 4 on how to optimize the demise…(and if you missed the last 3 suggestions, click here to read more.)


  • Use telemarketing more. I think the biggest indicator that direct mail is in trouble is that organizations that have always considered TM evil are now starting to embrace it. That’s because it still works.

This idea won’t change the course of the direct mail trend. But it will buy you some time while we are all figuring out the next big thing.


In 2013, we were chatting about how the technological movement known as “big data” was at its tipping point and it seemed that nothing was going to stop it. And… that was right. Nothing has stopped it. Since then, even large companies like ® are finding ways of using...

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Twenty Years of Knowing More

In September, Analytical Ones begins its 20th year providing fundraising analytics and donor behavior research for nonprofit organizations and their advertising agency partners. Over the past two decades, we have been fortunate to serve hundreds of clients. While many...

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