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Nov 13, 2021

Thankful for Alanna

In this five-part series, I wanted to give you a brief introduction to each of the people who make Analytical Ones great: Its employees. I so appreciate their hard work and dedication to all our clients. Quite simply, without them there would be no Analytical Ones.

Alanna Shores, Senior Consultant – Director of Analytics

People love working with Alanna. Not only is she super smart and insightful in fundraising analytics, but she has a joyful spirit that is simply contagious.

Alanna has worked as a fundraising analyst since 2013 serving faith-based organizations. Her degree in psychology helps her understand donor behavior. Her gifts in math and coding make her a natural analyst.

But what I appreciate most about Alanna is her great attitude and her habit of making sure her clients get what they need, when they need it. She is simply a gem.

Thank you, Alanna, for all you do for Analytical Ones, and our clients.

Top 5 Mistakes: #5 CRM Expectations

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One More Gift from Sustainers

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Early Returns

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