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Jul 28, 2023

What I Learned in Spain

Many of you know that I had a bad accident while on vacation in Spain this Spring. I was in Madrid for 10-weeks recuperating from double-knee surgery. I returned in late June and am back to work now.

First, thank you for all your good-wishes and prayers during my recovery. I’m continuing physical therapy and have started walking on my own. I’m very grateful for all those who have helped me on my way.

I posted this list of what I learned while flat on my back, and a few people suggested that I share it here as well. So, for what it is worth:

Measuring Speedy Gratitude

On the first day of November, I sent out 49 small “white mail” gifts. After 3-weeks, here is what I received: Two of the gifts were returned because the address was undeliverable. Of the 47 gifts that (I think) were delivered, I have received 14 acknowledgments (30%...

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Here it is Thanksgiving week. If you are like most people in the fundraising sector, the lead-up to Thanksgiving can be a hectic period, with the most important cultivation asks either in the mail or ready to be deployed, new donor acquisition campaigns in-home, and...

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Giving Tuesday: Is it still working for you?

In the past, some of us at Analytical Ones have been a little “Grinch-y” about Giving Tuesday. Being blitzed by emails during the workday can be overwhelming. However, we won’t knock it if it’s working! In September, Classy (the online fundraising platform utilized by...

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