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Jul 28, 2023

What I Learned in Spain

Many of you know that I had a bad accident while on vacation in Spain this Spring. I was in Madrid for 10-weeks recuperating from double-knee surgery. I returned in late June and am back to work now.

First, thank you for all your good-wishes and prayers during my recovery. I’m continuing physical therapy and have started walking on my own. I’m very grateful for all those who have helped me on my way.

I posted this list of what I learned while flat on my back, and a few people suggested that I share it here as well. So, for what it is worth:

Fundraising Forward

Postage rates and problematic delivery are making me rethink how fundraising might need to adapt moving forward. In 2024, First Class postage is a whopping 73 cents (who knew when those “forever” stamps don’t put the amount on them?) and nonprofit postage is between...

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Test First Class Postage this Fall

One of the disturbing USPS trends – other than raising the cost of postage every year – is the bulk delivery of appeal letters with nonprofit postage. Over the past year, when I check my mailbox for the appeal letters I’m seeded on, I have noticed that I receive all...

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