Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday.

Perhaps it’s because it’s the least commercialized holiday. It’s really a throwback day. It’s countercultural now. Sitting around with those you love (OK, and Uncle Dick too) and taking the whole day just to be together.

Perhaps it’s because of the food. I love a turkey dinner with all the fixings.

But I think mostly I love Thanksgiving because of the whole idea of concentrating on what we have rather than concentrating on what we don’t have.

Most of us reading this on the internet have a lot. When you think about it, we have more than most generations could have ever dreamed of. But most of the time, many of us – me included – focus on what we don’t have. It’s an irritating human disease to always feel wanting, even when we are in the midst of a banquet.

Don’t get me wrong. Sure, there’s a lot I’d like to see changed in the world.

But for one day, let’s enjoy the blessings that we have.

And, let our gratitude enable us to be generous this season to those less fortunate.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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