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Dec 19, 2017

Empathy is the New Black

This is the third in a series of blogs on 2018 trends. You can read about the first trend here and the second here.

The fourth trend for 2018 stated in the Forbes article is: We are in an era of purposeful business driven by collaboration, inclusion, and the notion of leaving the world a better place. Empathy is the NEW BLACK.

Now, don’t you feel good? Nonprofit organizations have ALWAYS been about leaving the world a better place. It’s about time! The commercial world wants to align with your good cause.

But here’s the bad news: The commercial world is now competing in your space, and they have a lot more marketing money to throw at it. And this will distract your donors.

Over the past decades, we’ve seen a slow but steady rise in the social enterprise movement. That blend of leveraging capitalism for a good cause. Think Newman’s Own or Ronald McDonald House Charities. This trend is only going to accelerate in the next few years, and companies with strong brands are going to hook up with nonprofit organizations with strong brands and both will benefit.

We have a couple of recommendations for your organization to optimize this trend.

First, start imagining what an ideal partnership with a commercial entity might look like.

Second, begin researching companies and come up with a list of suitors that could be potential partners.

Last but certainly not least, before initiating the conversation, it will be imperative that your organization create and sustain a strong nonprofit brand. A strong commercial brand will only join forces with a equally strong nonprofit brand to do good.

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