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Nov 4, 2021

Introducing S.O.R.T.: Simple Online Reporting Tool

SORT Web Page ContentI’ve been a direct response fundraising analyst for 25 years. One of the great challenges in direct response fundraising is campaign reporting. And while campaign reporting seems relatively simple, it’s not.

Here’s why: Campaign Reports require five different types of data that reside in different places:

  1. The donors who were mailed (data source: mail file)
  2. The donors who responded to the mailing (data source: the donor database)
  3. The donors who got the mail and went online to give (data sources: match-back via mail file and donor database)
  4. Appeal projections (data source: annual mail plan)
  5. Actual appeal costs (data source: production)

So, getting these very different data sources to reside in one place has been a frustrating challenge. We get it – we’ve been on both sides of this problem!

Anyone who has read my blogs over the past decade will know I have not been an Early Adopter of automated reports. To summarize my thinking over the past decade, I’d say this: “Due to technological limitations, the amount of effort and expense needed to create an automated report exceeded the usefulness of the automated report.”

But no more.

I am very excited to share that Analytical Ones has created a solution to the pain of data everywhere for campaign reporting! We’ve developed S.O.R.T., Simple Online Reporting Tool. SORT makes reporting on direct mail campaigns easy and affordable. I know those are huge promises. But I wouldn’t say that unless we could deliver – trust me.

One of its key features is the automatic calculation of match-back revenue to each campaign, tracking people who were mailed the appeal but donated via online channels. This alone is a valuable service – now you can easily capture ALL attributable revenue!

I could write more, but this 2-minute video really sums it up.

Contact us today to get started with SORT and simplify your fundraising campaign reporting.

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