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Nov 13, 2021

Thankful for Matthew

In this five-part series, I wanted to give you a brief introduction to each of the people who make Analytical Ones great: Its employees. I so appreciate their hard work and dedication to all our clients. Quite simply, without them there would be no Analytical Ones.

Matthew Dubins, Senior Modeler & Developer

Matthew is the newest member of the Analytical Ones team. If you want to get his attention, start talking about R or Star Trek the Next Generation.

Matthew got his first taste of fundraising early on in grade school with the local UJA Walk for Israel  —  something that stayed with him forever. Much later in life, he pursued a career in non-profit analytics, focusing on the non-profit sector in the US and his own country, Canada.

Matthew helps non-profits and agencies reach potential donors much better using advanced dashboards and machine learning models. But what I appreciate most about Matthew is his ability to discover the hidden relationships within the data. The kind of relationships that yield real revenue to our clients.

Thank you, Matthew, for all you do for Analytical Ones, and our clients.

Prevailing Over the Fear of Uncertainty

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The Economic Fundraising Forecast for 2023

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The State of Data Woes in 2022

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