Planned Giving – The Age Ceiling

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Recently, we did a large sample national survey of donors in the United States. We asked a wide variety of questions and we will be blogging about some of the donors’ responses. This is our third blog on planned gifts.

One question that is often debated in developing a model for identifying planned giving prospects is whether there is an age ceiling. The results from our survey seems to suggest there is.

Once a donor reaches the age of 75, their likelihood to consider adding a charity is half of what a donor under 75 years is.

Of course, you may have to wait longer to realize the gift. But your likelihood of securing the gift will be higher if you target donors under 75.

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    What I have found to be true is that donors are more likely to consider changing their will (i.e. a codicil) and making a bequest to an organization when they have experienced a significant event such as the death of a classmate or close friend. I think Dr. Russell James has found similar results.


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