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Jan 7, 2021

December 31 Emails

This past year, we tracked email solicitations for both Giving Tuesday and December 31 (your can read about Giving Tuesday here: https://www.analyticalones.com/giving-spam-tuesday/).

We wanted to compare these two critical days of email fundraising.

Here are some highlights:

  • We received fewer email solicitations on December 31 compared to Giving Tuesday (average of 15 emails to 26 emails). That was a surprise. I was sure CYE would have had a higher volume. This is another reason why data is always better than “gut” feelings.
  • On average, we received emails from 10 different organizations on December 31 – fewer than on Giving Tuesday (16).
  • One-third of the organizations on December 31 sent two emails, compared to 42% to Giving Tuesday.
  • Three organizations sent three emails on December 31 (14%) which was exactly the same percent that sent three emails on Giving Tuesday.

  • Interestingly, the time of the email deployment for December 31 was very similar to Giving Tuesday. The most popular time is 8:00 AM – Noon, once people reach their desks.

For direct response analysts, the first week of January is always like standing on the beach looking at a tsunami of data heading your way. We can’t wait to measure the rest of CYE performance.

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